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Corpus Christi

Dear Students and Parents,

As you know, our Book Fair has been unable to go ahead over the last 2 years due to interruptions courtesy of COVID-19! Luckily, our wonderful Corpus Christi P&F have come up with this fantastic initiative! They would like to host a VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR to help renew reading resources in the Library for our children. Our Library needs your help!  We have many beautiful books in our general circulation, but our resources for classroom reading need a revamp! The aim of the ‘fair’ is to build sets of new novels that are used in classes in small group reading sessions to assist students’ reading fluency and comprehension and enhance their love of reading.  Mrs Williams, our Librarian, with the help of Louise from The Learning Hub at Lindfield, has selected a range of quality chapter books and novels for donation to the school library that will appeal to our children from Years 2-6. We hope to build sets of 8 books per novel so that each novel can be used with a small group of students. If your child is in Kindy or Year 1, while they may not access these new books this year, remember that they will be accessing these resources very soon! The P&F hope to breathe new life for all our students into our guided reading resources!

Please click on the links below to see the book selections based on age group: 

Years 7-8

Years 8-10

Years 10-12

Parents and students can choose as many books to purchase as you would like. If you would like to purchase more than one book, you can choose different titles, or many of one title, remembering that our aim is to build as many complete sets of new chapter books and novels as we can.

Books can be purchased for donation either: 

  • Online using a Credit Card or PayPal
  • Over the phone by calling 9415 8818

Books can be purchased between Wednesday 6 October 2021 and Sunday 24 October 2021. 

All books will be delivered to the school. Details of the student/family donating each book will be recorded in a nameplate inside the book. 

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